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Windows XP     Desktop (XP)     Desktop (Classic)

Add/Remove Programs
» Administrative Tools
Computer Management
Local Security Policy
Automatic Updates (SP2)
» Control Panel
Category View
Classic View
» Desktop
XP Start Menu
Classic Start Menu
Folder Options
Internet Explorer v6.0
Browser (WinXP SP2)
Internet Connection Wizard
Options (WinXP SP2)
My Computer
C-Drive Properties
System Properties
My Network Places
» Add Network Place
FTP Connection
Network Share
Network Setup Wizard
Network Connections
» Connection Types
Broadband Connection (with logon)
Dial-Up Internet Connection
Direct Connection
Incoming Connections
Local Area Connection
Private Network Connection
Virtual Private Network Connection
Wireless Network Connection
New Connection Wizard
Network Setup Wizard
Network Setup Wizard
Outlook Express v6
Address Book
Phone and Modem Options
Edit Location
Modem Properties
Printers and Faxes
Add Printer
Printer Properties
Recycle Bin
» Search
Files or Folders
Security Center (SP2)
System Configuration Utility
» System Properties
New Install and Service Pack 1
Service Pack 2
Taskbar Settings
Windows Firewall (SP2)
Wireless Network Setup Wizard

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